Monday, January 25, 2016

Blade & Soul: Level 1-45 Weapon Upgrade Materials

The system’s biggest feature is that you don’t have to frequently change weapons when your character levels up. You only need to do constantly feed your Hongmoon weapon so that the weapon will upgrade and become better and better. Something special about the weapon system of Blade & Soul Gold is that the disassembled Hongmoon weapon is not allowed to be sold, traded or damaged.

The weapon can be strengthened through level 1-5 using other weapon as offerings. When your weapon reaches level 5, you can use a specific item to breakthrough a more powerful weapon.

1. Hongmoon Weapon
You can get the weapon as soon as you complete the main quest. (Kill the monsters in the Dragon Forest map and get drops including Dragon Forest weapon, Dragon Forest necklace, Dragon Forest rings and Dragon Forest earrings.)
Breakthrough Requirement: Thousand Souls weapon LV.6 (available by the Thousand Souls spinning wheel at the Burning Corpses Hill in Dragon Forest)
Upgrade Requirement: Demon weapon LV.20. Ramming Pirate dungeon is the first heroic dungeon in Blade and Soul. There are two modes: the 6-man mode is less hard with weapons as reward and the 4-man mode is harder with jewelry as reward.

2. Excellent Demon Weapon
Breakthrough Requirement: Zhuoqi weapon LV.22 (Zhuoqi cave trophy)
Upgrade Requirement: Diamond weapon LV.28 (by the Diamond Rohan spinning wheel at Great Desert Lunar Lake)

3. Ultimate Demon Weapon
Breakthrough Requirement: Great Desert Steel weapon LV.20-36 (Kill the monsters in the Great Desert map and get drops including Great Desert weapon, Great Desert necklace, Great Desert rings and Great Desert earrings.)
Upgrade Requirement: YanHuang weapon LV.36. (Red Lotus Grave, jewelry as reward for 4-man mode and weapon as reward for 6-man mode.)

4. Excellent YanHuang Weapon
Breakthrough Requirement: Tianzhao weapon LV.38 (available by the spinning wheel at Sirius Hill)
Upgrade Requirement: Sea Dragon weapon LV.39 (drop from Sea Dragon boss)

5. Ultimate YanHuang Weapon
Breakthrough Requirement: Great General weapon LV.40 (Water Frog Palace trophy)
Upgrade Requirement: 10,000 Souls weapon LV.42 (available by the10,000 Souls Demon spinning wheel at Sirius Hill)

6. Excellent 10,000 Souls Weapon
Breakthrough Requirement: Queen weapon LV.45 (Spider nest trophy)
Upgrade Requirement: Lost Yonling weapon LV.45 (Yongling ruins trophy)

7. Ultimate 10,000 Souls Weapon
Breakthrough Requirement: Watermoon Steel weapon LV.36-45 (trade with the officer at Watermoon clan)
Upgrade Requirement: Storm Evil Girl weapon LV.45 (Storm Sea Snake Supply Base; silver coins *10 at Dragon Trade)

8. Excellent Evil Girl Weapon
Breakthrough Requirement: Yongling weapon LV.45 (Yongling ruins trophy)
Upgrade Requirement: Evil Girl weapon LV.45 (Sea Snake Supply Base, 4 or 6 men mode, Evil Girl badge *45, trade with the cashier at Sea Snake Supply Base; silver blade and soul gold *17at Dragon Trade)

9. Ultimate Evil Girl Weapon
Breakthrough Requirement: Drops at Misty Forest Black Iron weapon LV.45 (trade with the officer of Misty Forest region)
Upgrade Requirement: Dark Pirate weapon LV.45 (Bloody Shark Harbor 24-man mode)

10. Excellent Pirate Weapon
Breakthrough Requirement: Silver Steel weapon LV.45 (Tower of Mushin drop)
Upgrade Requirement: Pirate weapon LV.45 (Bloody Shark Harbor, 4 or 6 men mode)

11. Ultimate Pirate Weapon
Breakthrough Requirement: Mushin weapon LV.45 (Tower of Mushin drop)

Thursday, January 14, 2016

FIFA 16 TOTY Midfielders

Now it's time to get the unequalled TOTY midfielders' cards-Paul Pogba, Luka Modric and Andres Iniesta. FIFA 16 TOTY Midfielders is available in packs in FIFA Ultimate Team,

Many are crazy in opening packs for these unique blue inform cards, if you are haven't enough lucky on this, why don't you try find these cards in market with cheapest fifa coins price? Now follow us to get know some details about FIFA 16 TOTY Midfielder Cards and their price ranges.

FIFA 16 TOTY Midfielders
CM: Andrés Iniesta 95 –FC Barcelona
CM: Paul Pogba 93 –Juventus FC
CM: Luka Modri? 93 –Real Madrid CF
FIFA 16 TOTY Midfielders Cards Price Ranges: 695,000 – 2,600,000
CM: Andrés Iniesta (Spain) - FC Barcelona (Spain)

Andrés Iniesta is a complete footballer, he can attack and defend as a false winger, central midfielder, deep midfielder. He started as a defensive midfielder, saw him make progress as an attacking midfielder since ball control and agility allied with his skill on the ball. Iniesta is a player known for his passing, dribbling, vision and movement. 95 rating is 100% fully deserved to him.
Price Range: Iniesta must be your first choice, highest rating with cheapest price in market. The cheapest price we found on PS is 815,000 coins and 829, 000 coins on Xbox, and the price range percent is 15-16%, so you can get him at the price within 815, 000-970,000 coins.

CM: Paul Pogba (France) - Juventus FC (Italy)
FIFA 16 TOTY Midfielders-Paul Pogba.jpg
Paul Pogba not only has an eye for goal and a penchant for the spectacular, but also has long legs like tentacles during tackling or running. He is a strong and almighty player named as Dives Into Tackles, Long Shot Taker, Technical Dribbler, Play Maker. Check out his rating and stats, we can say EA give a reasonable rating to him.
Price Range: Unbelievable, Pogba is too more expensive than Iniesta in market now though his rating is lower, the lowest bin we found on PS is 1,500,000 coins and even more 1,995, 000 coins on Xbox, and the price range percent is up to 21-29%, his price range is 1,500, 000-2,600,000 FIFA 16 coins.

CM: Luka Modric (Croatia) - Real Madrid CF (Spain)
Luka Modric is able to change the course of the game with a solo long-range effort or with a pass from both distances, so he is called a creative playmaker and long passer with great vision. He can play as central midfielder and attacking midfielder. Luka Modric can do positioning off the ball by his swift offensive because he can play both feet.
Price Range: Luka Modri? is the cheapest of TOTY midfielders, the lowest bin price on XBOX is 695,000 coins now, and the cheapest price on PS is not bad too, only 850,000 coins, calculate with 12-16% price range percent, his price range is 695,000-990,000.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Blade & Soul's Cash Shop Item Price

Although we call it cash shop, it allows you to purchase items without actually spending your money, because you can get Hongmoon Coin in the game by selling gold to other players at auction house. If you are going to have Blade & Soul Gold and also curious of the item price of the cash shop, here's a glimpse at it.

First take a look at the price of some items including costumes, crafting materials, consumable items, and weapon skins, etc.

The price refers to NCoin which can only be purchased with real money and can be used in NCsoft's other MMOs. The rank point refers to Coin which can be earned by playing the game or selling gold in auction house.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Cool Moments in FIFA 16

A new player tournament organized from the company features Real Madrid, one of the biggest clubs in Spain, with two teams of four players trying to show each other their skills and win a best of three series. FIFA 16's name is finally matched up with the calendar year and that means the team at EA Sports needs to work even harder in order to keep the cheap FIFA Coins player base engaged with the football simulation in the long-term.

The new FIFA 16 competition features a side made up of Keylor Navas, Denis Cheryshev, Danilo and Casemiro and another featuring Nacho, Jese, Dani Carvajal and Raphael Varane.

It's interesting to note that both teams play the Real Madrid team in the video game, although it's unclear whether the line-ups are exactly the same or whether they have different favorite players.

The video features some interesting plays from the real-world players as well as a weird penalty, an outrageous tackle from a goalkeeper and more.

As always when it comes to FIFA 16 player tournaments, it's s shame that EA Sports does not offer more footage from the matches the two Real Madrid sides played in order to allow fans to see how good the footballers are when they need to work with the simulated mechanics of the series.

The Spanish team is one of the biggest partners of the franchise, with a new three-year partnership delivering improved quality for 14 of its players when it comes to movement animations and face scanning.

Special FIFA 16 experiences are also available at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium where Real Madrid plays, allowing fans of the team to familiarize themselves with the mechanics of the title.

The football sim is due for a big 2016 update

The winter transfer window is now live for the big championships in Europe and both those teams seeking to improve their performance and those looking to get some cash will be tempted to become active.

Traditionally, EA Sports has launched a big update for its football simulation series at the end of the month or in early February, which makes sure that rosters are as accurate as possible and that the stats for the biggest players reflect their real-world performances.

It is unclear whether the team is also planning to deliver a series of tweaks for the actual mechanics, given that some changes were already made in December of 2015 and some developers have suggested that time is required to make major improvements.

Presumably, more player tournaments featuring major teams will be delivered in the coming months as EA Sports is trying to keep gamers engaged.

The team also delivers weekly videos showing off the best goals created by the community as well as Team of the Week packages for the fifa 16 coins mode. EA Sports usually only offers details about the new mechanics and the updated features in late spring or just before the start of E3.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

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Friday, July 11, 2014

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