Friday, July 11, 2014

Why you should choose Wildstarmall to sell your Wildstar gold?

It seems a lot of Wildstar players quitting Wildstar. We do not know the reasons, but we chose some players to ask. 50% of them told us they felt the game is difficult. 20% told us that they do not have money to buy Wildstar gold. 10% told us that they do not have time to play. Anyway, the fact is many old players are quitting and new players are joining.

When they decide to quit Wildstar, they want to sell their Wildstar gold in real cash. We buy Wildstar gold at high price. Also, they we have any limit on buying gold. So you have no worries on “do they have any amount limit when I sell Wildstar gold to them” “Will they buy all my gold at one time” and such questions. We pays sellers money usually instantly through paypal.

The summer vacation is coming. will bring a lot of of events for all Wildstar buyers. In promotions section, you can get cheap Wildstar gold or even free gold if you take part in the events. You can pay attention to our website news. During the events, we should need a lot of gold. Although we have a lot of suppliers, you can sell them gold at a decent price. You can buy some valuable presents for your family or best friends.

We have created a coupon code for all Wildstar gold and power leveling buyers. The code is wildstar2014. It can help you save some money. If you do not know what you should buy for your friend in the coming holidays. We suggest you to place an order on our site and use coupon code for him or her. That will be a super surprise! Just contact us to sell or buy Wildstar gold now and you can sell us your Wildstar gold too if you decide to quit this game. Good luck.

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