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Stalker's important role in WildStar combat

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Stalkers are the most versatile class in Carbine's upcoming MMO WildStar. They can be played as a stealthy ninja or as a completely proficient evasion tank.Then what's a Stalker's role in combat? Today we will give you the answer.

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The Stalker is one of the most versatile classes. They have three different combat stances, each with their own distinct advantages. Basic stance "is a balanced stance. It doesn't really change how much damage you do or the amount of damage that you take,It allows you to be a medium damage dealing, medium defensive capability character.So why would you ever want to be in this stance over the others? It allows you to move at your standard speed while you're stealthed.Normal stealth only allows a Stalker to move at 80 percent move speed, so popping in to Basic stance every once in a while could prove useful.

Lethality stance increases how much damage a Stalker does, but decreases damage mitigation, making this the damage dealing stance. Additionally, attacking something while stealthed in this stance causes you to break stealth, but critically hit the target for extra damage. According to Shelton, this stance will be near in damage to other heavy-hitting classes like the Spellslinger and Esper.

The Stalker's tanking spec is something we haven't seen in too many MMOs, and that's their evasive tanking stance. Being in the stance increases threat generation, but what sets them apart is that, according to Shelton,The WildStar developer. Unlike the Warrior, the defensive stance increases your deflect chance, it gives you like a straight 20 percent chance to deflect incoming attacks, and it reduces your damage potential slightly.

How many Tradeskills can one have in WildStar

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I have always see many WildStar fans talked about the hot topic:how many tradeskills can one have in WildStar. and I've been looking all over to try to find an answer to this .The following is our guesses from our friends who are fond of WildStar.

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We haven't seen any news on this or much discussion in any interviews. More or less all I've heard is you can swap them out and each trade skill has 5 levels of Harvesting Tools (Novice, Apprentice, Journeyman, Artisan, and Expert).But I totally agree with fans the competition for nodes would be crazy - Additionally in a system like Guild Wars 2 it was pretty annoying in that by allowing players to gather everything, and awarding xp for doing so, you just had too much in your inventory and felt like you had to. I really hope its a low number so characters can feel very unqiue with their trade skills and really rely on the community of guilds, commerce and friends for items and crafting.

I for one have to agree with the gathering, as convenient as it is having nodes all to yourself KILLS the market. It means the only people buying are lazy people. Which does happen across all MMOs that is how it works but the difference is vast. In a WoW system, 10 people who are in a zone questing, only 2 of them has mining, they also compete for the nodes. A stack is mined for example. The other 8 players didn't get a thing. The 2 go and sell this on the AH and make a today profit. In GW2 all 10 questing collect a stack each and sell it on the TP, making a much smaller profit.

I thought I would love that system, evidently I do not. I am not 100% on how many tradeskills we can have but with things such as fishing mentioned I am guessing it will be 2 and mining etc counts.How about you friend ?

The useful Grear for the Engineer Class in WildStar

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The Engineer on Wildstar Online is truly a force to be reckoned with. This class comes complete with a killer arsenal, which wonders in not only inflicting damage, but also providing a variety of colorful weapons to choose from. This way, not only will you be able to defeat your enemies in a fiery blaze of glory, but you as an Engineer, you will also look great while doing so. The engineer’s weapon arsenal has some unique additions for your character to play with, which are exclusive only to the engineer class and no others.

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As far as weapons go, for starters, you have launchers. Nothing says intimidating like a weapon so huge, your character has to lean backwards while running, just to carry it. Don’t worry about your enemy seeing you coming, with a launcher’s wide range of attack, they will be much too busy trying to dive behind the nearest large object, in order to avoid what they know is coming. LaunchCorp’s Launch-O-Matic QT-Pi Ultra-Standard is a model worth mentioning, due to its snazzy appearance and the guarantee that you will be a total monster on the battle field.

Look great while you’re fighting back the enemy in the Exo Suit, exclusive only to the Engineer class. The suit comes with numerous combat modes, all of which are guaranteed to protect you from more than just the elements. With special abilities that are available only with one equipped, it only makes sense that the suit would have a function to it beyond plain improvement in appearance.

Bots are probably the biggest deal, when it comes to the Engineer class and the gear exclusive only to it. Bots have many number of uses and they come in numerous different forms. With each form, of course, you have a certain ability that is special to it alone.Of course, the examples given are only the tip of the iceberg, when talking about gear for the Engineer.

How to play as an Engineer in WildStar

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The Engineer is a very fun character class to play in WildStar Online. The class is very flexible and can focus on either a DPS or a tank role, while also controlling various bots. The bots are likewise very flexible and can provide healing, tanking, DPS, and crowd control. Variety is the spice of life for an Engineer!


The key attributes for the Engineer class are Grit, Tech, Brutality, Insight, Moxie, and Finesse. Focus on increasing these attributes to create a truly devastating character.

The Engineer has two modes: Provocation and Eradication. Provocation is the tank mode and significantly increases your threat level. Eradication is the DPS mode and greatly increases the damage you deal, along with lowering your resistances.

As you play and use your various abilities, such as Pulse Blast, you will build up your Volatility. You begin each game with zero Volatility and can build it up to a maximum of 100. You can spend your Volatility to unleash powerful attacks, such as Electrocute. You will greatly increase your character’s effectiveness as you learn the best time and situation to spend your Volatility. Volatility will slowly decrease when you are not in combat.

Engineers also have access to the Exo-Suit. The effect you get when equipping the Exo-Suit will vary based on whether you are in Provocation mode or Eradication mode. In Provocation mode, the Exo-Suit will make you much more resistant to damage. In Eradication mode, the Exo-Suit will make your DPS go through the roof and you will find yourself mowing down enemies with ease. Beware though! You can only equip the Exo-Suit for 20 seconds and then you must wait for a long 2 minute cool-down period to relapse. Learn the best situations to use it in!

The last part of Engineer gameplay to focus on is the use of bots. You have access to several but can only have two on the battlefield at one time. You are in control of their special abilities! Learn when best to use them to become and even more effective Engineer. Also, be careful, if a bot is killed on the field of battle, you will trigger it’s cool-down and will be much less effective in battle for that duration.

As you can see, Engineers are a complex and flexible class to play in WildStar Online. I find them to be very fun and satisfying. Have fun on the battlefield!

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Is the tutorial mind-numbingly boring

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Most of our loyal customers can be our good friends, we always share everything about the MMOS.Recently we talked something about WildStar. One of them told us he loves everything AFTER the tutorial. But its a problem. He has two friends who are half ass interested in Wildstar who he'd like to play with, and both of them say that if the rest of the game is like the faction ships, then they won't play.It seriously either needs to be skippable for people who understand how MMOs work and are experienced elsewhere, or be a lot faster.If this is the first thing a new player has to experience, I'm afraid it may turn off many potential buyers with how frustratingly boring it is."

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Actually,The tutorial zone does a great job of introducing the main concepts and mechanics behind the game. It slowly introduces questing, UI navigation, combat, and tracking content in a fairly consistent and understandable manner.

The problem is this seems like it exists solely for that purpose. I think "fun factor" was not on anyone's mind when designing it. At least, that's how the Dominion one feels.
I think you would be well advised in offering a tutorial skip after the first character on the account. That's a great interim solution, but further on down the road, fixing up that tutorial should be a priority when you make your first post-launch marketing push.

What's your mind on "The Tutorial" ? Do you think it boring ?

Take the 5,000 Beta keys for WildStar to enjoy your weekend

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Great news to all WildStar fans NCSoft and Carbine Studios have hooked us up with 5,000 beta keys for the hot new MMO WildStar!

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The beta weekend starts at 7am and ends on Sunday at 11:59pm Pacific. To snag your code, just head on over to your code redemption page and click the button! Once you've got your key, go sign up for an NCSoft account if you don't already have one, then click the "Apply A Code" button at the top of a page. If you like what you see, head on over to the WildStar pre-order page and secure yourself early access to the full game in late May.

Have fun! And don't forget, fans who play the beta can earn free items for launch! For each day players log into the game between now and launch (during pre-order weekends as well as Open Beta), accounts will receive 3 Boom Boxes at launch. These boxes can be used once per day to receive a random assortment of possible goodies, including XP buffs, unique runes, weapons, housing items, unique costumes, mounts, and more!