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Is the tutorial mind-numbingly boring

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Most of our loyal customers can be our good friends, we always share everything about the MMOS.Recently we talked something about WildStar. One of them told us he loves everything AFTER the tutorial. But its a problem. He has two friends who are half ass interested in Wildstar who he'd like to play with, and both of them say that if the rest of the game is like the faction ships, then they won't play.It seriously either needs to be skippable for people who understand how MMOs work and are experienced elsewhere, or be a lot faster.If this is the first thing a new player has to experience, I'm afraid it may turn off many potential buyers with how frustratingly boring it is."

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Actually,The tutorial zone does a great job of introducing the main concepts and mechanics behind the game. It slowly introduces questing, UI navigation, combat, and tracking content in a fairly consistent and understandable manner.

The problem is this seems like it exists solely for that purpose. I think "fun factor" was not on anyone's mind when designing it. At least, that's how the Dominion one feels.
I think you would be well advised in offering a tutorial skip after the first character on the account. That's a great interim solution, but further on down the road, fixing up that tutorial should be a priority when you make your first post-launch marketing push.

What's your mind on "The Tutorial" ? Do you think it boring ?

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