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Stalker's important role in WildStar combat

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Stalkers are the most versatile class in Carbine's upcoming MMO WildStar. They can be played as a stealthy ninja or as a completely proficient evasion tank.Then what's a Stalker's role in combat? Today we will give you the answer.

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The Stalker is one of the most versatile classes. They have three different combat stances, each with their own distinct advantages. Basic stance "is a balanced stance. It doesn't really change how much damage you do or the amount of damage that you take,It allows you to be a medium damage dealing, medium defensive capability character.So why would you ever want to be in this stance over the others? It allows you to move at your standard speed while you're stealthed.Normal stealth only allows a Stalker to move at 80 percent move speed, so popping in to Basic stance every once in a while could prove useful.

Lethality stance increases how much damage a Stalker does, but decreases damage mitigation, making this the damage dealing stance. Additionally, attacking something while stealthed in this stance causes you to break stealth, but critically hit the target for extra damage. According to Shelton, this stance will be near in damage to other heavy-hitting classes like the Spellslinger and Esper.

The Stalker's tanking spec is something we haven't seen in too many MMOs, and that's their evasive tanking stance. Being in the stance increases threat generation, but what sets them apart is that, according to Shelton,The WildStar developer. Unlike the Warrior, the defensive stance increases your deflect chance, it gives you like a straight 20 percent chance to deflect incoming attacks, and it reduces your damage potential slightly.

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